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Lomond Hills Organics
weekly CSA veg box


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Seven fresh and delicious years

For our 7th year we are focusing on fresh and delicious summer vegetables complemented with a healthy portion of staples. You can't beat the taste of locally grown, sun ripened tomatoes and cucumbers

The team for this year is tripling and the production is doubling

veg box with tomatoes

Our season

Our season runs from the 3rd of May through to the end of the second week of October. You will receive a weekly supply of delicious veg for the whole of the season. We will be in touch when we have finalised our delivery & collection days.

tomatoes on the vine

Delivery is available in Fife or you can collect your veg from the farm. This is a great opportunity to explore healthy farmland and our pasture. Feeling and hearing the diversity brought by organic farming and perhaps catching a glimpse of swooping swifts, low over the grasses.

swifts swooping through the air

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The CSA veg box ensures variety and provides staples as well as delicious salads leaves, microgreens, fruits and summer salad vegetables including delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more!

The CSA is a partnership between farmers, members and land. By paying partially now at the start of the growing season you help to pay for seeds and raw materials which grow your veg. By sharing in the risk, you share in the rewards too. This is covered in greater depth here: